This Nigga was arrested for Stealing his own car. Some white bitch called police and then tried to justify it later in the call. I want you to listen to the call she made very closely. It’s seems to me that she intended to have the police called only because he’s black. Nevertheless, sit back and watch what happens after the police pull him over. It’s fucking ridiculous the mentality of the hyenas that show up. 

Pack Of Hyenas

Now, that you watched this nigga with his hands in the air and doing exactly what he was told or taught to do under the circumstances. And yet, more than 10 police officers jumped on this NIGGA like a pack hyenas. While beating him with their fist and kicking him you can clearly hear them saying “STOP RESISTING”. Let’s be clear, in most cases when you hear police officers say “STOP RISISTING” the suspect is not resisting.

The question I have for you is: Did he deserve to be treated that way?

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