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* Actual Dumb Ass Responses From White People on Facebook re: White Privilege

*Devin Garcia: John Irwin I know, right? He moans about white privilege but he’s the one sitting at home wearing furs and gold chains while making YouTube videos. Some of the most privileged people whine the loudest about someone else being privileged.


This guy here I ignored being honest. Probably some racist AHOLE judging me. If I turned around and commented in his comment he would more than likely something else stupid.

*Douglas Dahlgren: Black privilege: Acting like an asshole in public with no regard or respect for anyone around and everyone is afraid to say anything in fear of being called a racist. 


Another idiot I chose not to respond to not worth my time or energy on this comment

*John Irwin: If you’re white you are more likely to be murdered by another white if you’re black you are more likely to be murdered by another black.


Where is this mutha fucka getting his information from? More than likely from a cracker jack box

*Troy Hengstler: The made-for-division-only topic of “ white privilege” is NOTHING BUT political and biased!


This is what I must deal with. This person really believes “white privilege does not exist. Obviously he has not watched my white privilege documentary. This is the kind of person that would say “ I need to see the whole video” even though he knows misconduct of the officers was not enough to carry out police brutality.

*Ajnin Haru: why waste time on an issue that can only divide and cause racial hatred? I didn’t watch the documentary so maybe it actually debunks the propaganda of “white privilege”. I looked at the video clips that were available and I don’t think that is the case. 

This assertion of white privilege comes with no solution. It’s apart of critical race theory” which has been around for decades and is a tool that American Marxists use in place of class warfare. Class warfare doesn’t work in America like it works in Europe. In critical race theory white people are the oppressors and black People are the victims and this is perpetual. 

It can never be remedied. CRT has been making progress for decades and now it is finally bearing it’s poisonous fruit. Every Metropolitan area governed by Democrats has been turned into a nightmare that resembles a third world war torn shit hole. 

The irony is the promulgation of “white privilege” propaganda has resulted in the destruction of the quality of life for many black Americans more than anyone else. There is a mass shooting in Chicago every weekend. All black victims of all black shooters and nobody is held accountable. This kind of social dysfunction occurs every where Democrats govern.

Aside from being a divisive work of fiction by American Marxists, it also a racialist grift that many are profiting off of. Patrice Colors, one of the founders of BLM made millions on the backs of black People and then abandoned BLM when she became wealthy. It puzzles me how people so in tune and wary of the street hustle can be so easily manipulated by dumbass politicians.


Right off the bat his first sentence had me saying oh hell no!! He thinks there is not enough going on in our country and my white privilege documentary will cause a division. He must not be from around here, right? Because, as far back as I can remember racism has existed. 

As a matter of fact, he admitted not watching the documentary before criticizing it. OMG!!! he thinks White Privilege is propaganda. Are you fuc**** kidding me? He also feels it’s just a race theory. Reading stuff like this is why I made the white privilege documentary anyways. I am just going to stop here with my response because people like him could easily get under my skin.   

*Mike Theil: I got your white privilege in my nearly broken back from 30 years of Labor

Responding: No comment

*Tim Hess Mike Theil: id guess he prolly hasnt worked a DAY in his life.
Anyone who has, wouldt have some stupid ass philosophy like that.


Look at his spelling!! No need for me to comment to stupidity

*Andrew Hofmeister: More divide and conquer tactics.

Responding: No comment

*Devin Garcia: Combatting racism with more racism is still racism. Now you’re just trying to make a buck off of it. You’re far more privileged than I am, bruh.


Ignorance is what’s killing our country with this person Attie Pollard: Accusing people of having white privileges nothing but an excuse from black people who make poor decisions in life

Responding: Another racist remark I am going to ignore.;


*Devin Garcia Listen, Cecil. It doesn’t matter to me what race you are. It seems to matter a huge deal to you…which means your problem is really with God. He made you who you are.

Responding: The work white privilege just seems to bring out the ignorant people like this guy.

*John Fisch White privilege…. non political? Yeah, zero credibility after that bs

Responding: No comment for this guy

*Scott Bush I’m gonna make one too. I’m gonna call it racism through the eyes of a White guy. It outta be about as dumb as this vomit you’re throwing around!

*Scott Bush It’s called social media and it’s public so anyone can post whatever they want without your permission. Sorry to disappoint you. I just thought my idea was just as stupid as what you’re doing so I thought I’d test it out. 

You are just trying to cash in on the new buzz topic and it’s sad. What does this do for anyone? Cause further hate and racism? I’m sorry you can’t see past your self-righteousness and greed. But stop trying to spread your hate to others, it just sick

*Scott Bush look I’m not saying that racist shit don’t happen. But it happens back and forth between all races and colors, if we just continue to single out and attack each other how does it get any better? One race blaming another accomplishes nothing. 

The only way to end it is to teach our friends and family a better way. Some adults can’t be reasonable or understanding. So I believe it’s important that we don’t pass our own prejudices to younger generations. 

I don’t care what color a person is, only the quality of their character matters to me as it should be for all. I at least give a person the chance to either earn or loose my respect through their actions not a preconceived notion of how someone else see’s them.

Responding:  Again, I am not going to comment because this is someone with a 3rd grade education and have not watched the documentary.

*Robert McCall You blacks are the ones getting all the freebie that’s black privileges us whites work hard to get what we want.try it you might feel better about your self knowing you worked hard for what you got.

*Robert McCall You blacks are the ones getting all the freebie that’s black privileges us whites work hard to get what we want.try it you might feel better about your self knowing you worked hard for what you got.

Responding: You blacks!!!! You white mofo’s crack me up with your responses to my post re: white privilege. See, ignorance must run in his family.

*Andrew Cirko Right, you’re saying the guy who just said that he’s interested in opinions and has an open mind is blind and doesn’t have a clue. Is this some sort of reverse psychology marketing to try to get us to watch your hobby project?

*Chris Petersen Racist propaganda! All that you prove is that you’ve become what you claim to loath. Unbiased? Nonpolitical? Yeah right Pinocchio!

*Lisa Chamberland Nice excuse for keeping your people down by giving them a scapegoat for not wanting to better themselves in a country where they can be anything they want to be including the president of the United States

*Tim Hess More race baiting by some giant POS trying to profit on racial division. Get some new material, iv seen this act🤣


This MOFO here called me a POS and never met me personally. So, I am taking the high road and not comment.

*Andrew Hofmeister This is more racist shit. There is no such thing has white previlidge it was created bye a Jewish professor.

Responding: How is the discussion of white privilege be some racist BS? Again. I am not going to comment no more than I have already…LOL

*Freddie Griffie cause there is no such thing as
white Privilege there’s nothing I can do that anyone else can’t you

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