The Rich Negros

“One Reason The Rich And Famous Are Exempt”?

“One Reason The Rich And Famous Are Exempt”

Are rich niggas exempt? So, what makes rich niggas any different than poor niggas? The resources to be represented by a good attorney.

Honestly, when was the last time you heard on the news about some rich and famous nigga being pulled over, profiled, or shot by racist police officer?

We all know there are racist police officers out there that would love to pull over a rich and famous nigga Just to fuck with them because or to remind them that they are niggas.

Most Famous Niggas

Most famous and wealthy niggas have cars and drive wherever the fuck they want, and for some reason they are not fucked with.

But, at the same time they are not all coming together to stop it either.

Examples are Jay Z and his wife Beyoncé, Robert Smith, David Steward, Oprah Winfrey, Mike Adenuga, Patrice Motsepe Michael Jordon and last Kanye West can’t seem to say Fuck the white man and help those in need.

Selfish Niggas

Hell Fucking no they are all being selfish and for gotten where they came from.

Could you imagine how scared white people would be if rich niggas came together? There would be no stopping them from changing so many fucked up laws.

I mean the list is long of what we could achieve together than apart is we are now.

Shit I thought we as a country was divided when we as blacks are divided as a people.

You mean to tell me that if I has more than 10 million dollars

I could not start a law firm to defend those who can’t defend themselves? I am certain if there were such a firm handling cases that are obviously corrupt would discourage it from happening would you agree?

Those are my thoughts on this topic, how do you feel about what I’ve said.

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