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Whether or not you choose to believe, white supremacist groups have infiltrated law enforcement agencies or not. As a result, it’s happening so frequently that many of you white folks have chosen to wear BLINDFOLDS. 

James Timms is a Singer / Songwriter working out of Cardiff (UK)  With a unique and distinctive tone, his voice is instantly recognizable and has been heard featuring on tracks ranging from Trap and Hip Hop, to Soul and EDM.

Song Title: Ivory Tower  Written and Produced by:  James Timms  Executive Producer: Topper

Attitude Towards Police Brutality

Ivory Tower is another mind-blowing and insightful song written and produced respectively by multi-talented songwriter/Singer James Timms. It is a showcase of factual recounts of racially motivated attacks and police brutality carried out on African Americans and Hispanics in the United States. 

The events of countless deaths of unarmed and defenseless African-Americans by law enforcement agents across the States, the Black Lives Matter protests in America, and most importantly, the escapist attitude of White Supremacist as regards racism helped shape the idea of this song. 

Certain Members Of Society

Over the years, there has been the belief among certain members of the society, that white people are superior and should dominate over all other races. That belief favors the maintenance and defense of ‘White Privilege. 

Therefore, different forms of white supremacy give different conceptions of who is considered White and identifies racial and ethnic enemies most commonly those of African, indigenous and Oceania people. This belief has made surviving difficult and, in some cases, impossible for African Americans.

 The introduction of this uplifting song purposefully stresses the need for White People to WAKE TFU and take off their blindfolds. Additionally, stand up against racism and police brutality.

Sit in Ivory Tower Blindfolds on
While we’re smelling the flowers And if we don’t try to change it
There’s only gonna be hate


Blindfolds here refer to the escapist attitude of White folks characterized by lack of concern to the pains and struggle of the African Americans. 

And also, because they are people of the ‘unseen’ race. What does it matter if they keep getting killed, what does it change? Of course, the loss of one Black American in the hands of a  racist white police officer changes everything.

The negative impact of these killings brings about more hate directed at white police officers. These events change the lives of everyone involved. 

Consequently, it decreases the mental and physical health of every African American. As a matter of fact, it increases the loss of confidence in law enforcement and the justice system at large. 

It exposes societal ills. The killing of George Floyd amongst others and the ensuing Black Lives Matter protest brought police use of force into focus again with a lot of people pointing out that police use of force is a threat to public health. 


What Ivory Tower Means:

This song in a unique manner mildly identifies infiltration of the law enforcement by white supremacists as part of the explanation for frequent, un-ending racial attacks and killings of Black Americans. The reason many White folks have chosen to wear blindfolds and have continued to live in denial about racism. 

Additionally, Ivory Tower in its last lines, made a wake-up call to everyone, appealing to emotions and reasoning on the need to be the change we want for the sake of humanity. 

 Lyrics from Ivory Tower:

“And some maintain there’s nothing else at play That they’ve never seen it done
But in the end, buddy facts don’t lie And there for all to see
There’s no reason for it then or now So let’s be the change we see”

 As a matter of fact, Ivory Tower is a beautiful contemporary song, with a distinctive tune, and a lifetime message for all. 

Content provided by: Juliet C. Ofodeme [email protected] 

& re edited by Topper Entertainment


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  1. I listened and watched this musical video and for the first I am so pained, I can’t describe how I feel.

    This is work is beautiful and the message needs to keep going.

    1. white_privilege.wtf

      please share as much as possible I appreciate it ok (it not about money it’s about the message

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