White People, What is White Privilege

Chelsea Handler the Exploiter

After watching Chelsea Handler video on Netflix called Watch “Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea” I decided it’s time to give it a review. And I am certain my review of this low budget video documentary will make a some of you uncomfortable. At 62 years of age, I don’t have a reason to hold back my opinions or should I say my personal thoughts about something I see or hear about. So, let’s discuss this video that Netflix and Chelsea Handler released on September 13th, 2019. It is by far the most ridiculous so-called documentary I have ever seen.

How in the fuck can Chelsea Handler take part in a documentary about White Privilege in 1hr & 4 minutes? If she was not paid to do this then that’s dedication to the project would you agree. What I mean is that she starred in it using her name to draw attention to the documentary. Being straight up, at the beginning there was a good portion of that documentary with an interview of her thoughts of white privilege at her fancy ass home wherever it’s located. Why at that location first? With the interview being a part of the 1hr and 4 minutes of “Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea” took away time that could have been dedicated to documentary which again, made absolutely no sense.

Making A Buck

While watching it was obviously about making a buck or two off our dumb asses (so they think). In one part of the documentary, she reaches out to an ex-boyfriend which absolutely had nothing to do with white privilege documentary (we will just call this deflecting) because it makes no sense to include it. But now thinking about it you’re trying to make a believable documentary on sensitive subject such as white privilege and you include material that has absolutely nothing to do with it to extend the time to be 1hr and 4 minutes.

This bitch cares absolutely nothing about white privilege because if she had this should have been of 50-part ongoing miniseries. Then she has the audacity to be in front of a crowd basically saying I’m a white privileged woman here creating a documentary. Only one person stood up a female and was honest enough to give her opinion and nailed it. The black people in the White Privileged documentary looked like slaves who were not willing to speak up and give their honest thoughts on it without being whipped by their white master.

Curtis Jackson

A diverse crowd but mostly black just look stunned or again afraid to speak up. Maybe they knew she was a fake ass white woman and just because she fucked Curtis 50 cent Jackson doesn’t make her black it just means she’s had black in her. Chelsea Handler decides to interview some white naïve people about white privilege and yet it amazes me that they feel it does not exist. Even Chelsea handler has benefited using her white privileges.

In so many ways it’s become a way of life and ignorance, or racism plays a major part of it. Chelsea Handler could not live as a black woman and have the fame she has today.  Being a white privileged woman in America has allowed her to be comfortable on stage saying the shit she says. I am certain she has never been told to take the back door and I don’t mean that sexually, to anywhere she performed. On the other hand, Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish spoke the truth with some reservations. I was watching their body language as they spoke on the subject in fear of backlash.

If Chelsea Handler Was Black

I know Chelsea Handler would fear for her life if was turned into a black woman for one fucking day. Just knowing what our black women go through I am certain she would ask to be reunited with her whiteness. All in she seems to be a good person and very open minded but let’s not forget she is a white woman always using her white privileges. The documentary seemed more like a comedy than anything relating to the white privilege and the trip is Netflix has not released anything similar since. Her and Netflix think that we can’t see through bullshit and released a horribly made documentary.

I tried my best to give it a chance, she proved to me was about making a buck and putting back in the spotlight. Someone needs to make a documentary of someone who was white woke up as a black person. And make sure her crew was also black. Let them come face to face with racism knowing not knowing if they will ever become white again. I am certain the moment they are in their cars filming they would be scared as hell which leads me to believe they know it exists and especially if pulled over by white racist police officer, who has a different agenda for pulling them over. And no matter how much they try to explain what they’re filming it won’t matter to the racist police officer. It would not be until that moment they would remove the blackface to avoid becoming a victim of police brutality.

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