Save Me / written and produced by Frannie El & Cecil Hicks

I am “Frannie EL” a professional singer/songwriter and music producer who has written for and collaborated with a good number of other professional singers and recording companies. Although versatility is one of my greatest strength, the genre I am most proficient in is Rnb/Pop/EDM/AfroBeats

Song title: SAVE ME Album: White Privilege Documentary Written and Produced by: Frannie El & Cecil Hicks


Save Me is a rare, mellow, insightful, and one-of-a-kind song written and produced by Frannie El and Executive Producer Cecil Hicks. In relation to White Privilege Documentary, this song portrays some of the most common challenges that come with being Black in America. 

It buttresses the struggles of the African Americans in this racially divided country we call “America” today. As a result, great emphasis on Police Brutality, lies, Police Corruption, Misconduct, and the irony of having so many Black lives cut short by men sworn to protect and save lives irrespective of color or religious beliefs.


Unimaginable Effects

This epic song, Save Me also exposes the long-lasting negative effects on relatives of victims of police brutality. And on the other hand, those whose fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, partners, were unjustly killed in the most callous and gruesome manner by White Racist Police Officers

In contrast, the pain they feel and the prayers they make time and time again. It exposes the sleepless nights and nightmares, the therapy sessions and heartache that never ends. While the vacuum felt forever, and the unimaginable internet troll lies that follows.  And furthermore, the biased court trials and justice that is never served.


A lifetime of Stigma and Struggle

This epic R&B classic sheds light on the sad reality the blast of a siren from a police car brings to any Black man and woman. Even more, the knowledge that encountering a White Racist Police Officer at any gun point is likely. Nevertheless, the end of another vibrant Black Life.

And yet, the fear of meeting a white racist police officer
and knowing your life is up just for being Black.

White police officers are taught by the commodores and privately to harm anyone who are black citizens.  In most cases, their main objective is killing someone, based for the darkness of the skin.  All the contents of this song are drawn from real-life events and experiences of past and present-day America.


Additional Scenes & Images

The first scene of Save Me Video, shows a black unarmed male, in handcuffs, lying on his back and held to the ground by a white racist police officer in a way he could barely breathe. He had about three other white cops hit him severally with their baton in his defenseless state. Nevertheless, an act that can only be described as unlawful and brutal. 

Additional, scenes from this song show images and clips of victims of police brutality. Allusions were made to Philando Castile, 32 years, fatally shot and killed at close range by a White police officer in the presence of his girlfriend and child, and Miriam Carey, 34, also fatally shot and killed in the presence of her young child by the U.S Secret Service.

The Ideology Of A Racist

The list of these victims goes on and on because to the White Supremacist Police Officer, no matter the beliefs, occupation or an African Americans contribution to society, a racist police officer only see African Americans as Niggers. (ain’t that fucked up?)

However, records have it that, roughly 1,000 people are killed by American law enforcement officers each year. Nearly half of the people killed are recorded as either Blacks or Hispanics and about 40% are unarmed WTF!!

Research suggests that Young Black Men face particularly high risks of police violence. As a result, representing the major leading cause of death. Police aggression affects the physical and mental health of Black Americans. And sadly, most of the police officers involved in police killings went unprosecuted in those cases.


The Message Is Clear

Save Me ends its message by calling for togetherness amongst all, irrespective of color and race as it is the only hope for the future, a way to change an ugly narrative.

 The song Save Me is entirely factual. It passes a strong message through well-thought-out and carefully crafted words. Its visual display and messages are all from some of the most recent killings of innocent and unarmed black men. Save ME seeks to bring the desired change through its message.

Content provided by: Juliet C. Ofodeme – [email protected] 

& re edited by Topper Entertainment

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  1. This is truly amazing and inspiring, the work on this is the best, the hope that one day soon this will end, the words to this song SAVE ME is unbelievable, I literally sat and cried watching this video, blow this up guys, you’ve done an amazing job, I stand by this and always will, BLM ✊

  2. Wow! Sad video but it is reality. Racist cops are our enemy! We have to unite and advocate for change or this pandemic will only worsen! Thank you for sharing this video. It is what it is!

  3. Awesome, brought tears to my eyes very important message needs to be heard. Song is an excellent presentation for a time such as this.

      1. Well the song and the video is so relevant at this time , and the song and the video was definitely choreographically on point.

  4. That was riveting! The song was perfect for the video and the video spoke volumes. I believe it’s going to make people stop and pay attention. Very well done.

  5. Awesome video footage to an awesome song! Tells a sad story…a change needs to happen!!!

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