(Subtitles) Series 2 Unnecessary Police Brutality

As a citizen, we all expect law enforcement officers to use their authority towards protecting and serving the community. In fact, there are more than a few white police officers that abuse their power. 


Police harassment is an abuse of authority and additionally includes unnecessarily stopping black men and women for no apparent reason. As a matter of fact, white police officers will aggressively question, or conduct unwarranted or illegal search and seizures without a legitimate reason.


In most cases unlawful conduct turns into police brutality when a black man is involved. White police officers are scared of black men. As a matter of fact, white police officers will escalate the situation and call for white police reinforcement.


Most acts of unlawful brutality include police officers placing their knee on the neck, back or head. In addition, using a forbidden headlock, shooting multiple times unnecessarily. Additionally, pulling black people by their hair unnecessarily. Not to mention. tasing and forcibly smashing a black person’s head against a car windshield. 


In fact, in some cases ordering K9s to attack black people while pepper-spraying unnecessarily. Furthermore, there are video’s displaying all of these types of brutality have been recorded on cell phones, police body and dash cameras. 

Actual Cases Of Police Misconduct 🤨

Here are some viral videos of police officers caught on cameras carrying out their rage and not to mention hate against black men and women: Eric Lurry – slapped in the face, KarondCheatu – forced face down on the ground while handcuffed as police dog bites his arm. 

Jeffery Ryans – police ordered police dog to attack and in fact, he was not resisting arrest, Johnnie Rush – punched multiple times in the head, and knee placed on his neck while saying “I can’t breathe!”


In Addition, Jason Anglero-Wyricks leg bit by police dog; Kattie McCrary – unarmed while being hit with a baton, Roderick Walker -elbowed in the head, Reginald Arrington Jr, Eric Garner, unarmed Floyd Dent was punched 16 times in the head and tased WTF!!!.


More Victims of Police Brutality🤨

Here are some names of  the victims of police brutality and murder: 

Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, Stephon Clark, Tina Marie Davis, Brandon Dionte Roberts, Claude Washington Fain Iii, Earl Facey, Kwame Jones, Henry Isaac Jones, Ryan Simms, Michael J Rivera, Jaquan O Neill Light, Leonard Charles Parker Jr, Ronnell Mouzon, Dominique Antwon Anderson, Kenneth Lineal Sashington, Desmond Hayes, Manuel Ellis, Tyler M Jones, Zachery Anderson Jr, Darrell William Mobley Sr, And Lebarron Ballard.


There are so many who were not mentioned above that were injured or murdered by police brutality. With this is mind, serves as a warning to society that this unnecessary and unfair treatment of black people needs to stop. In all honesty, showing videos of these acts will help educate and raise awareness of racist police officers.

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