(Subtitles) Series 1 Racism, White Privilege, and Police Brutality

In the wake of the killing of George Floyd, racism, white privilege, and police brutality on black people has been highlighted in the media and has been recorded and sent over social media. 


As a matter of fact, resulting in many calling for justice for innocent black people and taking the stand with the Black Lives Matter Movement.


Racism has existed throughout history and still exists today. Racism is seen everywhere, and, as a matter of fact, you can easily discover it in in cartoons and movies featuring blackface actors as characters who are rapists. 


Nevertheless, racism is most dangerous when it is associated with violence and murder 

of innocent people.


Comments from white people expressing their white privilege on social media say that, white privilege is being able to walk through the world in a very different way than people of color can.

Therefore, feeling “comfortable enough to run in their own neighborhood, “knowing that will not be shot and killed.” by a police officer or their own neighbors.


That being the case, another White female says, “I’m very aware I’m white, I still must stand up as a White female for what is inherently wrong with what is going on in this country.”


White privilege is recognized in cases of police brutality.  Some examples are two cases where the suspect is holding a knife, the white suspect is treated less harshly (repeated asking to put the knife down) compared to a black suspect officers shoot and without hesitation.

More Examples Of Misconduct:

Another example of this was shown at a George Floyd protest where two protestors, two white males and one black female. Nevertheless, the police fired shots directly aimed at the black female.


In recent years, incidents of unnecessary police brutality have been documented by onlookers via their phones. In addition, police body and car dash cameras being released to the public. 


The number of unnecessary brutality incidents on black people has not increased significantly. As a matter of fact, it has been recorded and shared with the world, hoping to stop this unacceptable behavior.


It has been shown that black Americans are more than twice as likely to be killed than white Americans. This is proved by a multiple of sources such as videos that have been released of officers. 


It is obvious white officers are  hesitating and offering white suspects many chances before using any physical violence on them. Officers also use less brutal means of apprehending suspects, such as tasers and batons. 


However, when the suspect is black, officers do not hesitate to shoot, taser, punch and hit with batons repeatedly, use forbidden chokeholds proven to kill, and tying up or pressing all of their weight on top of the suspect.


There needs to be a change. Racism, white privilege, and police brutality on black people are unacceptable in society. On the other hand, black people are unfairly treated and killed just for being black. 


The fear that black people live in is unjust, and racist police officers must be brought to justice.

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  1. This is an amazing documentary! It’s fast-moving, hard-hitting, and provokes emotion. The stylized editing is masterful in itself and commentary by Cecil is the icing on this epic masterpiece.

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