Incidents of police brutality are never admitted to by the police officers who commit it. Although, videos were taken with cell phones, dash and body-cameras police officers lie. 


As a matter of fact, with so many incidents of officers lying in their police reports or even in court it has been highlighted recently. Consequently, creating the beginning of bringing these officers to justice.


In this documentary, Pedro Barbose was arrested for attempting to hit two police officers with his car. The officers stated in their police report that Pedro Barbose made eye contact with them and proceeded to put his car in reverse to hit them. 


Nevertheless, Pedro Barbose was charged with multiple felonies. Some of which, included first-degree assault. That being the case, those charges resulted in 15 years in prison. 


However, Video footage showed that the incident report written by the officers was not true. As a result of this, the officer involved in the case pleaded guilty. Therefore, lost his job and was sentenced to one year in jail. Pedro Barbose was released from jail after serving six months.


In a totally different case then above, security video footage showed a black man Henry Newson on the phone at a hospital after recently being discharged. Nevertheless, he was suddenly approached by white racist security and an off-duty police officers. 

Not to mention, attacked him without probable cause and additionally, punching him multiple times. And still, the security and officer lied, claiming that Henry Newson was acting suspicious and resisting arrest.

PNG security cameras


Reginald Arrington Jr was arrested for allegedly walking on the wrong side of the road. He was punched and hit with a baton unnecessarily multiple times. In addition, he was also repeatedly searched and accused of having a gun while he was able to prove he was unarmed. But even so, the officers involved claimed that he was a suspect related to a call that had been placed reporting “suspicious behaviour” and that they were acting on that accordingly. (BS!!):


Review Board Says: deputies didn’t violate the law and decided
it’s a training issues

 In all honesty, most officers involved in these types of cases of unjustified brutality and lying on case reports have rarely come to justice. In court hearings, all of the following officers were found to be not guilty, despite video evidence of their unnecessary brutality: Sam Dubose, Terence Cutcher, Micheal Brown, Philando Castile, Tony Green and Anthony Hill.


These are just some of the incidents and cases of police officers lying to justify their racist behaviour. There are many more that have been documented by video and even more that have not been documented. Due to police lying, many innocent black people have been sent to jail or prison.


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