Trust Me - Josie

Jose - mikezimean

Produced By:Mikezimean

2020 brought some challenges for many of us and i wasn’t an exception. After 10+ years of acting mostly as a live and session guitarist i found a new passion and occupation as a music producer. Frankly speaking I’ve been making all kinds of music as a hobby for more than a decade, since school years, but this time i decided to go all in on being a professional producer and boy i do love this change in my life 😉

Executive Producer: Topper Management

My name is Josie, and I write a blend of R&B/POP music. I’ve been writing my own music for a couple years, and I started writing music under the publishing agency Pitchplay. I graduated from the music college Albeda AMP Musician/producer in 2020. I’ve also been featured on business insider with my work!

Police Brutality, Racism 

Trust Me has soulful vocals written by Josie with a rock influenced music created by mikezimean. The song portrays the difficulty of being an African American in the US. This song is unique given that it is written from the perspective of a young lady from Netherlands

Additionally, the view of a person who sees beyond being Black or White and understands that police brutality is a violation of human rights. The song expresses that we are first human and that we all bleed the same irrespective of our race. The song comes from the perspective of an individual who is courageous enough not to look away but take the right stand to speak against police brutality and racism through her music. 



This beautiful and thoughtful lyrics was inspired majorly by the personal struggle Josie suffered from the unlawful and brutal murder of George Floyd. Before the death of George Floyd, Josie like millions of Americans had watched racism grow in form of police brutality with the countless number of deaths recorded annually.

As we have seen, too many times in the US, cops kill or seriously injure African Americans during arrests fueled by racism. In the US, George Floyd, Michael Brown, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, and too many other African Americans who have been killed by White racist police officers while unarmed and not resisting arrest. 


Statistics Have Shown

In the US, about 1,000 people who are mostly Blacks are killed
by the police every year. All too often, officers who kill or injure people after using
force unlawfully are not brought to justice. 

Nevertheless, “Trust Me” exposes the distasteful habits of law enforcement agents towards Blacks which includes disrespect to people of color, loss of control, and unlawfulness in handling simple matters, murder, and other racially motivated acts. This is portrayed in the lines below.

“Trust Me”
Like you people see skin There is only one race
Even I know that Just have some respect
Let us stand together and fight it Why are all the people so blind?”



The song “Trust Me” does not only condemn police brutality and racism but also condemns the act of not speaking up against it. And also, condemns the conscious effort most White blindfolded folks make to remain indifferent and passive on issues as sensitive as intentional and unending murder of Black men and women by White Racist Police Officers. As a matter of fact, it also condemns the belief that the White race is superior to all others especially those of African decent. 

“Even though I can’t believe my eyes

It is not okay

To look away

Trust Me!

 From the lyrics from TRUST ME, ends its message by calling on everyone to trust that looking away is not an option for anymore. It encourages white folks to stop ignoring police misconduct and to not only speak up but act in a manner that will help end police brutality and racism in our country.

Trust Me 

is exceptional, with a unique message. 


Content provided by: Juliet C. Ofodeme

& re-edited by Topper Entertainment

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