White Privileged
Video Clips

The videos that I have edited here we’ll show you that white privilege exist in America. I want you or should I say I dare you to take your time and watch each one. In many instances white people will not acknowledge that it exists. I will point out how the white race is killing their own race very slowly and in some instances by mass murders. Some of them even know what’s happening but used to do nothing about it. There seems to be at least two mass murders a year and all of them have been white teenagers. 


Let Me Be Clear

To be honest I can’t even remember when there’s ever been a black mass murderer do you? White men have been killing other whites for years and no one is doing anything about it because their focus has been on black people . White people are scared to death of losing power but at the same time ignoring being killed by one of their own. These videos below will show you how comfortable white supremacist police officers are while approaching a vehicle that has a white person in it. White supremacist police officers have more to fear of their own race than of any other race in existence. I dare you to prove me wrong. 

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