Trigger warning

Seriously Are White People Pusillanimous

There Are Cowards Among Us

Cowardly White Man Threatens Black Woman

What I Believe

Can I be brutally honest? I’m not going to sugar-coat what I’m about to say. So, let’s get right into it. I honestly feel beyond a shadow of a doubt that white men fear black people and especially black men. They cowardly yell profanity and giving black people the finger while driving in their vehicles or walking by. Every video I’ve seen so far have shown a cowardly white man saying nigger towards black children, teenagers, and women. I have yet to witness a video of a white man saying nigger to a grown ass man over the height of six foot four are taller.

Handcuffed and Beaten

Furthermore, there are more than enough videos of cowardly White Racist police officers beating hand-cuffed black woman, children, and teenagers. Are you fucking serious? As a matter of fact, I want you as the reader to find me one yes one video of a black police officer or officers beating a hand-cuffed white person. I am willing to pay $100 for one video of two or more black police officers beating a hand-cuffed man. Click the link below and send to my email address and I will evaluate and research your video and pay you accordingly. In fact, you must be the first person to have discovered this video and have sent it to my email address. Btw, Good luck finding this video. I am certain it does not exist.

The Contest

What the fuck is up with that? Watch this video of this POS calling a black woman nigger while in his truck. Additionally, he is threating her while calling her a bitch. I must be honest with you I’m a big man and I’ve been around a lot of white people and not once have a white racist POS ever called me a nigger to my face. There are more videos like this available on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Innocent Black People

What makes white racist POS so comfortable saying nigger and calling the police on innocent black people that are minding their own business. Fuck the fact that most racist POS’s envy us driving nice cars and living in nice homes. Yea! I know I went off script for a second my ban. If you understood how I face so many obstacles ever waking day trying to survive. Anyways, back to the subject, there are videos showing of police officers saying nigger to suspects. If a cowardly white man or woman ever called me a nigger I would handle it differently.

The way I would go about it it’s just ignore them. Because honestly as long as they’re not up in my face and a arm length away I don’t care because I know who the fuck I am I am Cecil Hicks.

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